Features & Benefits


You can choose between the sturdy Triffitt multi-leaf suspension or for faster speeds the part or full commercial specification with parabolic, multi-leaf or air. A Bogie suspension for use on uneven ground is available on all models.


Heavy RHS section is used on all chassis, sub frames, cross-members, front and rear posts for extra strength. We offer a traditional style body that has side posts at approximately 60cm intervals or a new style body with the benefit of thicker side walls and larger less frequent fully welded posts. This gives a chunkier look to the trailer.

We can mix and match tyres, body style, dimensions and even pivot points to suit your specifications, particularly if height or tipping restrictions are a determining factor. We can also offer over or under slung axles.


Standard single line hydraulic, options are; air, air and hydraulic with or without ABS.

An optional Anti jack knife kit hydraulically locks the axle in place to improve stability when tipping.

Tail Doors

Our tough standard tail door has a manual lock operation. We can offer high clearance up and over for heaping crops. Single acting hydraulic for powering up and gravity return. Double acting for power up, power down and a lock valve to prevent door opening during travelling. There are further options of extra high tailgates for silage, and automatic lock valves that keep the door locked until you tip.


Our lights are all low maintenance, long life & high intensity LED type. Guards are fitted to rear lights and a separate lead fitted between tractor & trailer.


We either hold or can source any spares you may require for your trailer. Most parts are available on an overnight service if required.

Repairs, Refurbishments or Modifications

We can quote for anything from a small repair to a new body on an existing chassis.