Stock Trailers

16 Mt Monocoque Trailer

16 MT new monocoque trailer, 22ft long x 7ft 6in wide x 4ft 6in high sides (6.7m x 2.29m x 1.37m), double acting hydraulic rear door with grain chute, tandem 127mm round beam commercial axles (420 x 180 brake size), full air suspension, new 550/60R22.5  BKT crossply flotation tyres, all LED road lights with LED front markers,  spring acting airbrakes with load sensing, electronic braking system, chassis 250 x 150 x 8 RHS, 4mm sides & 5mm floor, sprung drawbar, overwheel mudguards, two pack Triffitt red paint,  front window.

Price: £ 17000

16 Mt Hooklift Trailer

Refurbished Broughton hooklift unit, on a new chassis, takes standard hooklift skips , tandem 127mm round beam commercial axles, with 420 x 180 brake, 20mt parabolic spring suspension, new 385X65R 22.5 agricultural remould tyres, independent hydraulic brakes, hydraulic locking rams to rear axle for when loading/unloading skips, full LED road lights with LED front & side markers,  mudguards & mudflaps, sprung drawbar, two pack Triffitt red paint.

Price: £ 14000

10 Mt Monocoque Trailer

Used 10Mt Monocoque trailer, 16ft x 7ft 3in x 3ft 9in (4.88m x 2.2m x 1.14m) on  12.5/80R 15.3 tyres , with tandem 70m square beam axles 6 stud with 300 x 60 brake, 12mt spring suspension, single line hydraulic brakes, all bulb road lights with  side markers, solid drawbar, top pivot door, handbrake. Trailer has some plating to inside of body but is generally sound. 

PRICE £ 1750

3 Mt Drop Side Trailer

New 3mt Drop Side Trailer,10ft long x 6ft  wide x 2ft high sides (3m x 1.8m x 0.6m), single 60mm square beam axle, 250 x 60 brake, new 10.5/75 R15.3 tyres, single line hydraulic brakes, drop down tail door, road lights, screw jack, 3mm floor and 2mm side panels, two pack Triffitt red paint.

Price: £2500

14 Mt Low Sided Monocoque Trailer

New 14Mt low sided monocoque trailer, 4.5m x 2.40m x 0.7m  on new 435/50R 19.5 tyres, with tandem 90m square beam commercial axles 8 stud with 300 x 135 brake, 16mt spring suspension, independent hydraulic brakes, all led road lights with led side & front markers,  250 x 150 x 8 RHS chassis, 10mm thick floor, 6mm thick sides. Bottom pivot double acting hydraulic door. Storage for 3m aluminium ramps under body, sprung drawbar, mudflaps. Two pack Triffitt red paint with silver wheels.

Price: £ 12000